The King of Virgin in trouble after he hacks a groundbreaking system and makes huge returns!

Roszak participated in the first initial coin offerings beginning in 2013, before the term even existed, buying such currencies as Mastercoin, Factom and Maidsafe. “I’ve been very fortunate and was very early,” says Matt Roszak, who, prior to crypto, worked as a tech entrepreneur, cofounding software companies; as a venture capitalist at firms like SilkRoad Equity (where he settled SEC charges of insider trading); and in private equity for Advent International in the United Kingdom.

A true believer, he went on in 2013 to become a limited partner in San Francisco-based Blockchain Capital’s first fund. Tally Capital, which consists of his own capital, has invested in 20 startups, including some of the most successful exchanges in the space, like Coinbase, Kraken and BTCC.

Think of him as the Katherine Graham of crypto, sponsoring over 40 dinners for the blockchain community, spending “hundreds of thousands of dollars on steak and wine for people in the space to talk about this stuff.” Says Roszak: “The biggest piece wasn’t that I was early and made early gains. It was the community that I built.”

He’s always looking for new converts: Roszak, 45, says he gave Richard Branson and Bill Clinton their first Bitcoins.

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